Sovol SV02 Hotend Upgrade to BIQU 2-in-1

We love our Sovol SV02's but have struggled off and on with our Sovol branded hotends. I know there are a few others that have had similar challenges. We made the leap over to Biqu's 2 in 1 hotends with custom mounts printed in PA-CF Carbon FIber Nylon. This custom hotend mount has been fully tested by us.
You'll need to raise your z limit switch to account for having to move the hotend lower on the assembly. We would have loved to keep the full z range except that moving the hotend up puts the z limit switch too high even in it's lowest position. We tried to keep this model as stock as possible.
If you are interested, you can download via Cults3D here for free:
Can't print in high temp? Let me know - we're listing them for sale on our site to purchase.
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